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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Follow Poll Tracking, Not Polls..

Just a word of caution my fellow Obama supporters. A flurry of polls and electoral maps have come out lately, making it seem that Obama has a very large electoral lead over McCain, 344-194, based on the latest polls as of June 19th. (This particular report is from, a popular electoral projection site that accurately predicted the outcome of the 2004 election.) Here is how it breaks down by state:

However, one should take caution, as such electoral numbers are based on the "latest" poll numbers rather than a direction. It's important to follow a series of poll numbers, which will give a better idea of the electorate. And remember, with our guy, no lead is "safe" and it will take a lot of legwork from we the supporters to place him over the top.

And please..ignore "national" polls numbers altogether. Our President is not decided by popular vote.

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