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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Delegatin' with Mike and Michelle: Mike's Intro

A special feature you'll only find here on H4O: Introducing "Delegatin' with Mike and Michelle, a weekly post by our two delegates, Mike Washington and Michelle Cruz. They will be documenting their first-time delegate experiences and sharing them with you, right here. Here is the first entry, by Mike:

I just want to introduce myself to those of you who I have not met yet. Michael here, I'm an Obama pledged delegate from the 15th Congressional District of NY. I've been involved with the Campaign since June of 2007 and have loved every minute of this journey. I'm looking forward to attending the convention in August and being able to cast my vote on behalf of the citizens of the 15th Congressional District for Senator Barack Obama.

This is truly an honor that I take very seriously and over the next couple of weeks before the convention, I am trying to connect with as many people in the district as possible. I really want to be not only your vote, but your voice at the convention. So with that said I will be attending as many of the platform meeting in the District as possible and H4O will also be hosting a platform meeting as well ( I hope you can attend).

I also check the blog daily and would love to hear from you about your concerns, suggestions, and questions. During the convention, I will try to blog each day to let you know what it's like at the convention on a daily basis - so if you have questions or are watching the convention on CSPAN and want to ask me a question, please do. I'll try to reply daily through the blog.

- Michael

Mike and Michelle will continue to post between here and the convention, so stay tuned to the site, remember to subscribe by clicking the "Posts" button under the subscribe section and picking your favorite news reader. Then, as our site is updated, you'll get the updates delivered directly!

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