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Saturday, October 11, 2008

H4O On Tour: Philly Suburbs...

by Erika Strand

Harlem 4 Obama recently organized a very successful trip to Pennsylvania to support one of the field office in Delaware County, outside Philadelphia. The weekend of Oct 4-5 was the last weekend before the voter registration deadline in Pennsylvania and so finding unregistered voters was high on the agenda.

Thirty enthusiastic Obama supporters from the New York City area, accompanied by 2 journalists from Al-Jazeera, met early Saturday morning at the Harlem 4 Obama office. After a two hour drive, the group was met by Dawn McClary at the Obama field office in Darby, PA. After Dawn trained the group and answered questions, they spread out across the area for intense canvassing.

The volunteers were given a script, a list of names and addresses, a map, a pile of voter registration forms and a packet of Obama flyers to distribute. Going door-to-door in groups of 1-3, volunteers asked potential voters if they were registered and who they were supporting. Twenty volunteers returned to New York that same evening, while another 10 stayed on to knock on doors again Sunday afternoon.

All in all, the group was a strong force contributing to the day’s positive results:
• 124 voters registered by the field office we visited, part of 1,177 voters registered throughout Delaware county that weekend;
• We visited 2,271 homes and identified approximately 1,153 supporters;
• Monday morning a family came into the field office to register their son after two volunteers had met them during canvassing.

So, you wanna join us?

If you are interested in joining us on one of our upcoming trips to PA - Oct 25, Nov 1 or Nov 2, please email Aisha Smith at for more info.

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