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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Delegatin' with Mike and Michelle : Hello from Michelle!

It’s Michelle and…so…like I’m a delegate! Exactly what does that mean you ask? Well, here is what I know for sure, as pledged delegates for Senator Obama both Mike and I will be voting on official convention business including the Presidential nominee of the Democratic Party during the convention. The week will be full of activities. The typical day will begin with opportunities to attend caucus meetings and trainings and then voting on official business later in the afternoon. I am not sure what the detailed activities are but I know I’m excited.

So how did I become a delegate you ask? Would you like the short or long story? Here’s hoping you said long. Many moons ago during the 2004 Democratic Convention I was home in front of my television mesmerized by a speech (guess who?). The next day, I believe it was the New York Times had an article with Obama’s picture in it. I cut the picture out and posted it on my cube at the office. I remember one of my co-workers passing by asking if that was my boyfriend to which I replied “nope, the next President of the United States of America.” I remember telling someone if Obama was to run for President it would not matter what I am doing I will volunteer for his campaign.

So here I am treading along in 2007 preparing to leave my job to pursue my own business, preparing my teenager for the college application process and here it comes….Obama is running for President! I’m jumping up and down when I hear the news and then it dawns on me. Uh, earth to Cruz, remember your commitment? I hungered for the change Obama spoke of but what was I thinking? How will I manage my time? And since I was from the school of thought that I am only one person and can’t really make a difference I thought perhaps I would have to sit this one out? Then I heard the echo “to whom much is given much is expected”. I knew I had no choice. I realized it’s not about filling up the bucket but making a drop in the bucket that counts. If I wanted change I had to be a part of that change. If I was fed up with the way my government is being run I had to do something about it. Therein began my journey.

I met Mike Washington at an East Harlem for Obama meeting. He told me about the group Harlem4Obama and what their goals were and I hopped on board. I’ve been fired up ever since. Doing activities that seemed foreign to me, petitioning, canvassing, voter registration, etc. I remember being home alone on the night Obama won the primaries. By this time all of my family and friends knew I had been stumping for Obama so my cell phone was ringing non-stop. I ignored it. Prior to Obama’s speech I opened my bottle of Casillero del Diablo Merlot, heard the pour of the wine hit the glass, watched the swirl, sniffed slowly, put CNN on mute, laid my head back and I tell you I heard my drop in the bucket that night. I knew I was part of the change.

I digress--you asked how not why. How? I filled out an application, the campaign approved it and I was on the ballot during Super Tuesday in New York and you voted for me. Since becoming a delegate I have heard from many individuals informing me of the many issues and concerns of the district I represent.

I want you to know I take my role as a delegate very seriously. I hear the concerns and issues and vow to make it an everyday discussion not just by my vote in Denver but here at home in Harlem. I want you to continue to tell me what’s important to you, what you need and most importantly how can I help make what we need as a community happen. Educate me. Keeping in line with Obama’s platform regarding transparency Mike and I would like to keep you informed of all that goes on during the convention. If you are interested I too will blog daily while at Denver to let you know what is going on and what we are voting on. Just let me know. -Michelle


Anonymous said...

Yeah Michelle! Look forward to hearing more about the process. I know it is mystery to most folks who weren't poli-sci majors in college.

Anonymous said...

thanks for going in our place!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, you write so well. I know you are making a difference in my life by being a delegate. You go girl!!!!!

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